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Commitment to Learning

For 3-5 Year Olds:

Motivation to mastery—The child responds to new experiences with curiosity and energy, resulting in the pleasure of mastering new learning and skills.
Engagement in learning experiences—The child fully participates in a variety of activities that offer opportunities for learning.
Home-program connection—The child experiences security, consistency, and connections between home and out-of-home care programs and learning activities.
Bonding to programs—The child forms meaningful connections with out-of-home care and educational programs.
Early literacy—The child enjoys a variety of pre-reading activities, including adults reading to her or him daily, looking at and handling books, playing with a variety of media, and showing interest in pictures, letters, and numbers.


Commitment to LearningFor 5-9 Year Olds

Achievement Motivation—Child is encouraged to remain curious and demonstrates an interest in doing well at school.
Learning Engagement—Child is enthused about learning and enjoys going to school.
Homework—With appropriate parental support, child completes assigned homework.
Bonding to School—Child is encouraged to have and feels a sense of belonging at school.
Reading for Pleasure—Child listens to and/or reads books outside of school daily.


Commitment to LearningFor 8-12 Year Olds

Achievement Motivation—Child is motivated and strives to do well in school.
Learning Engagement—Child is responsive, attentive, and actively engaged in learning at school and enjoys participating in learning activities outside of school.
Homework—Child usually hands in homework on time.
Bonding to school—Child cares about teachers and other adults at school.
Reading for Pleasure—Child enjoys and engages in reading for fun most days of the week.


Commitment to LearningFor 12-18 Year Olds

Achievement Motivation—Young person is motivated to do well in school.
School Engagement—Young person is actively engaged in learning.
Homework—Young person reports doing at least one hour of homework every school day.
Bonding to school—Young person cares about her or his school.
Reading for Pleasure—Young person reads for pleasure three or more hours per week.

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